Philly Stokes Photographer Artist in Cornwall

Photographer, Artist, Surfer, Yogi, lover of nature, deeper living and salty hair. 

Philly's constant pull to the ocean has led her to a life painted by the sea. Immersing herself in art from a young age, Philly left school and decided to spent two years studying a foundation diploma in art and design. It was these two years where Philly delved into her creative side, painting, drawing, exploring textiles and photography. Travelling the world at 18, photography was cemented into Philly's life as well as a deep pull to living a more deeper, authentic life. Coming back to the UK, Philly moved to Falmouth, Cornwall to study Fashion Photography. Becoming a keen surfer and ocean addict, her photography and art naturally gravitated towards the ocean and the magic of the universe that surrounds us. Cornwall has now become Philly's home whilst she seeks inspiration from worldy adventures, constantly meeting new people, experiencing  places and cultures. Her photography style oozes with nature and light whilst her art draws on the powerful depth of her relationship with the sea.  An adventurer at heart, when she’s not behind the lens, you’ll find her travelling the world, teaching yoga, passionately exchanging stories from the universe and sharing her love of the ocean with her husband Alan Stokes.